Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mary Leakey's 100th birthday

My first ever Google Doodle went live just a few minutes ago in the US!

Here's a little blurb I wrote, lifted from the Doodle blog.

Today we celebrate the life and work of anthropologist/archaeologist Mary Leakey. In this Doodle, I wanted to highlight Leakey's work in the most charming way possible. I began by focusing on her discovery of the fossilized Proconsul skull, but ultimately decided to depict a scene of her excavation of the Laetoli footprints. As a fun touch, I included her pet dalmatians, whom are often included in old photographs of Leakey.

When I moved forward with color, I wanted to make sure that the landscape felt hot, since she worked mostly in Africa. I also wanted to make sure that the illustration still felt fun and inviting.

This was a fun Doodle to work on! Hats off to Mary Leakey and the fabulous legacy she has left behind!

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Unknown said...

Congratulations! Great work!

Mrs. Rose said...

Congratulations on your Google Doodle! I have a feeling that I'll be sharing your accomplishments with my students here at Nipigon-Red Rock DHS this morning. :) If you're ever curious about our art classes and the work my students do, take a peek: www.mrsroseart.blogspot.ca ~ Your style is gorgeous, and I'm so glad you've found a career that helps you create and express with freedom. Great work!

Julia Leakey said...

Hi Betsy,

I am Dr Mary Leakey's oldest grand daughter.
We all love your google doodle. How could I get hold of a high resolution version so that I could print it and have it in my home? I would really appreciate your help. Best Wishes,
Julia Leakey

Julia Leakey said...

This is my favourit!


Julia Leakey

eré said...

When I saw that doodle I recognized the style but I couldn't remember from where. So, was yours...

Carmel F said...

Loved this a lot! You must have a fun job :)