Sunday, February 10, 2013

Crabs: The Legend of Tembo Character Design

As I was unpacking my apartment in California, I found some physical print outs of some of the character design I did on The Legend of Tembo. It was really exciting because when the studio closed, I couldn't grab any of my files. I thought these were gone forever! Throughout this week, I'm going to post some of the designs I helped out with. I don't think that any of these would have made it all the way to production, but at one point my art director asked me to go through and do a quick pass on a lot of the background characters. Today, I bring you crab designs!
These were supposed to be part of a sequence where baby Tembo washes ashore in India, but that scene was cut even before the studio closed. Lots of fun with shapes on these!


Keisha O. said...

The shapes are really fun!! I love these designs!

BambinoMonkey said...

Great work!

sd said...