Friday, November 7, 2008

ancient egypt

In Concept Development class, I'm working on a story about an ancient Egyptian princess who's trying to cook... She's not the brightest crayon in the box.
This was the original concept painting I did based off of a loose story idea.

Here's a very rough "final" location.

Here's the "final" character design.

All of this work needs a lot of tweaking before it's portfolio ready...but enjoy the process images! :)


Katya Anosova said...

That is so freakin' badass. When I opened up your page, I was like "Whoa!"

O C A S I O said...

I like the mirror piece, the colors are nice.

Francesco Giroldini said...

Nice concept and nice roughs.
Watch the perspective on her crown, the ellipses are off, her right hand fingers could have a bit more rhythm to them, the anatomy of her left arm is off, you need to have some sort of hard edge to show where her elbow is.
in the second panel watch your perspective, your lines should all converge towards the same vanishing point, right now they're all going in different directions.
maybe try to use a different brush if you want to convey the softness of smoke.
In the character design, her right earring is in tangent with her shoulders.

Alex said...

im digging the character thinking that the rest of the body should be more pushed shape wise, kinda like what you did with the head and earrings. They all have nice shapes, i feel like i wanna see more of that in the body as well.

Betsy Bauer said...

Thanks for the comments and critiques guys!

Francesco-- Yes, I was noticing the anatomical errors, too. I'll definitely be fixing that up before using this piece for anything professional. Thanks for the tip on the brush!

Alex-- Yeah... I agree. I'm actually a bit unhappy with the final design. I hope some time to really push it because I like the character. Thanks!

Parka said...

The character design in the #3 picture looks great. But the ear rings are a bit big and going to hit her shoulders all the time.