Tuesday, September 2, 2008

sarasota marina

Something weird happened yesterday--I finished all of my Computer Animation homework early. So, to take advantage of the rare situation, I decided to ride my bike to the Sarasota Marina to paint. On my adventure, I met some very interesting characters including a creepy old man on crutches who offered to buy my painting (but left before I could sell it to him), a stumbling drunk offering to go buy me a beer, and a 60-year-old hippie woman who told me not to listen to the fascist propaganda on the radio.

I hope I can do more of these throughout the semester. I"m still suffering from muddy color syndrome.


Lindsay Jo Blankenship said...

This is really nice Betsy, I really love the placement of the boat and how you kind of left what's beyond the foliage hazy.

I like it a lot. :)

Javi Recio said...

very good work here! And you are only 19?!! Ill see your progress as well

Kim Hazel said...

This is awesome!