Thursday, September 11, 2008

red panda

Just some design exploration for my traditional animation class.


N.Hall said...

lol these are great

i really like the grumpy one
would it be too cliche to have one with asian eyes? :P


Liron Topaz said...

Hey Betsy,

These are really cool! They do look more rakoonish than red panda.. but they are cool rakoons :D

I like the fat one..

Aja said...

These are just stunning!

Betsy Bauer said...

Thank you, everyone!

I should have done one with Asian eyes...that would have been awesome!

As far as fat goes, it's really funny you should say that.. I always seem to design fat characters. It's a weird complex. I'm trying to move away from it. haha. :)

Ramon said...

you should be proud of these! They have really nice solidity and the tubby one is....adorable :) (and trust, I hardly ever think things are adorable). Hope to see more soon!


Justin said...

kick ass Bauer!!