Monday, January 16, 2012

Charlie Martini

So a while ago, I designed this guy, Charlie Martini:

My friend Sam asked me a while back if he could translate him into 3D. I of course agreed, and he did a fantastic job!

Sam is actually working on a full animation with Charlie right now (he even rigged & blendshaped him himself)--he's a talented dude! You should check out the rest of his work on his blog.

A few more things in the works on my end... More art coming soon!


my name is boring said...

Such a great character, Betsy. Both of you are super talented artists..

BETOWERS said...

It's a pleasure see your sketchs!

tunamunaluna said...

Sweet! It's always fun to see a drawing come to life!

pakoto said...

so expressive!! (i love the drawing)

Tyler Stott said...

Your JibJab work is very coooool