Saturday, August 1, 2009


Hey everybody! In about 3 hours I am flying out to New Orleans to be a volunteer at Siggraph for a week. It's going to be crazy fun! This is some of the promotional material that I created for the week.

I have also updated my portfolio! Take a looksee here!

(click above image to view portfolio in PDF format)


Trent Correy said...

hey! Sweet blog, great style of drawing! some really nice stuff here!

Josh Garlick said...

Love these. Are they all business card sized? I really like the typeface you choose too..

I hope you're enjoying SIGGRAPH! Woo! Hop by the Blender booth and see if you can find a Colin Levy, he's my friend from SCAD...he's involved in a lot of projects these days.

Oh yes, and your portfolio is INSANE. hahaha. Seriously it's miles ahead of your last one which was incredible in the first place. I bow down to you and your fine artists commodities Betsy! Keep it up =)

Stevie said...

sweeeet! Siggraph! I met alot of people in france who went last year and said it was really fun. hope you're having a blast :)

C.Bartlett said...

Hey Betsy, great business cards!