Thursday, August 7, 2008

figure drawing dump

These are anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hour poses. Last night was my last life drawing night for the summer. I'm moving back to Florida tomorrow!


Rhetoric Innes said...

very good!!

Nilah said...

Hot stuff! This is gonna be an exciting (read: crazy) year. :D

You probably won't see this but I just got in today, I'm staying at La Quinta till I can move into the Quad Saturday.

Ramon said...

hey, nice to see some figures! Do I spy some Vilppu style lines wrapped around the seated woman's legs? :)

My favorite is the first one, I really like how handled his slightly raised arm (my left). It seems like your 2d seeing is getting better, and you're not particularly intimidated by foreshortening :)

As far as suggestions, the main thing that stands out to me is that the core shadows are too hard-edged. Particularly in cylindrical bodies like the legs, (which have continuously changing planes)smoother value transitions would give greater solidity/ believability. Also, I like that you're looking for reflected lights, however, at times it gets confusing. I would say when you're done with the linear lay-in, go around searching for the cores and mark those in (noting relative hardness of softness), then fill the shadow side in with a flat tone, the start picking out the reflected lights, trying to categorize planes that would receive it (usually planes that face down, or ones that face nearby objects reflecting the main light).

Have you ever worked on toned paper? Since the middle tone is already established, you can actually work considerably faster and capture more information.

Hope the move is going well, hope to see more soon:)

TREY BRYAN said...