Saturday, June 21, 2008

old folks

I went to Wadsworth's Community band concert the other night. I'm kind of obligated since my dad directs it. This is a pretty good cross section of the crowd.

(Sorry, Dad)


Richie Blitz said...

haha I'll keep you updated. I finished lesson one which was just learning how to paint in black and white and now I'm working on coloring from black and white. So yeah fun stuff. Hopefully I'll be busting out badass paintings in no time!!

Drawtist_P said...

Did you colour the sketch later on, or was it on the spot?

Betsy Bauer said...

Hey leo! For this sketch, I colored it in later on. Most of the time, I find that it's more beneficial for me to use my time on-the-spot actually drawing because I can always polish later on. Sometimes I do color on the spot, though.