Sunday, May 25, 2008


My entry for [link]. I'm really enjoying these challenges as a way to experiment with style--I was hoping for Nicolas Marlet look with this.

This is one of a couple research speed paintings for a VisDev piece I want to do. This is what it looks like where I live!


Ramon said...
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Ramon said...

Nice! I particularly like the plein air painting, the foreground tree is framing the rest of the composition nicely. I would say the shadows on some of the trees on the left are a little light, given the contrast in other places (pavement, etc). The shadows on the pavement stand out (in a goodway) because you got that bluish-gray quality that you can see in daylight...(what time was this like 11-2pm ish?) Another thing would be to push the background trees back by reducing the contrast and cooling them down a little bit, reducing detail works too. Last thing, I would say soften the edges where the tree on the left meets the sky. These are relatively small matters though, the overall feel of the painting is really good. Let me know how the vis dev piece goes!

PS. nice anquilosaurus? is that the name? deleted last comment to fix spelling lol

Betsy Bauer said...

Thanks for the crit, Ramon! I'll definitely put it to good use before pushing out the final piece. I'm hoping to really push the style all we'll see!

And yes, Ankylosaurus. I know that because I was really into dinosaurs as a kid. :D

Ramon said...

haha I was a huge dinosaur nut, sadly I forgot most of the names!

Unknown said...

Nice works!