Saturday, May 17, 2008

royal cat

This is my royal cat for Nilah's character design challenge. He's a Siamese cat emperor about to host a green tea party. I really had fun with this. I'm a big fan of super flat art, and I'd like to keep experimenting with the style.

Also... this is probably a little subconsciously inspired by Kung Fu Panda. :)


Unknown said...

That's awesome! What program did you use?

T-squared said...

Looking cool! The textured shading is a nice touch. ;)

N.Hall said...

love it :D

Vector style is always so nice and clean.

Betsy Bauer said...

danielle-- I actually did this in Photoshop just using regular raster graphics and a nice textured brush. It probably would have been faster using vectors, but I guess I'll know better for next time. :)

Tommy--Thanks! Glad you think it came out nice.

Natalie-- Thank youu! I should do some real vector art now!

Ramon said...

nice! I like it a lot, I happen to be a huge cat person :) Looks like you've got a bit of Mary Blair in ya huh?(you probably know of her already but she was a disney vis dev/bg artist..she did alice in wonderland)
keep it up


Betsy Bauer said...

I am a huuuge Mary Blair fan, thanks Ramon! I've been trying to get something out that looks a bit like her stuff for a while, so that's really cool of you to say!

Ramon said...

haha whoa! well, can't say that I'm surprised, your design has a lot of that elegance and simplicity that her work has :)