Thursday, March 27, 2008

art dump

Wow--it's been a while!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been dealing with some technical difficulties with my blog. Hopefully that'll all be fixed up soon.

In the mean time, meet Cobbler the aardvark!

Some storyboards for film class...

(yes, that's a rave party going on in the sewer)

Some gestures...

And some good old fashioned monster designs...

One month to go!


Avner Geller said...

Well, I already told you what I think think of these, but....Great job as usual! I like the horse gestures a lot. and the upper left monster :)
Now what about an epic Aardvark/Skunk crossover ;) ?

Drawtist_P said...

One month left over here as well!

I love the horse gestures, and the rotation piece for the aardvark character (wow, I'm not in animation and I know what character rotation's are...yay me! XD). I'm pretty sure work's killing you, but all these pieces makes me long to be right there even more.